Process Design

Every company is unique, so should be their approach towards travel management and towards their employees traveling on business. BTM-Lab is supporting you to find your right mix of ingredients for your unique local, regional and global travel, logistics and mobility management to get you the best approach and strategy.

Besides consulting you on existing programs, working out together with you yourindividual company strategic approach towards managing your program and help implementing it, BTM-Lab furthermore offers outsourced travel management for companies who dont have sufficient dedicated resources inhouseas well as whole outsourced project management.


BTM-Lab as an independent consultant is helping you to identify your organisations ideal approach towards travel management.

From understanding your requirements, customized travel policies and procedures which are in alignment with your company’s goals and objectives to giving support identifying critical areas in your travel management program, BTM-Lab works out in close cooperation with you the ideal processes, organisation, budget, operational structure and technology needed to make your travel management program a perfect fit for you.

We support not only with spend analysis, supplier negotiations or data capture and analysis for maximising savings but also focus at the same time on quality control as well as traveller centricity to get the maximum buy in from your stakeholders.


Outsourcing travel management services might be a good option for you? Our vast expertise in global travel management will support your organisation to fulfil its targets without the burden or hiring and at no staffing cost.

From understanding your needs, assessing the budget, setting up the ideal operational structure and drafting your travel policy, implementing the required tools and proceses for the outsourced program to continuous program monitoring and evaluation, BTM-Lab will be partnering with you in order for your outsourced program to identify and deliver the best results and savings for your program.

BTM-Lab offers short term or long term outsourcing of your company’s travel management needs. From full outsourcing of the whole program to outsourcing of specific services (i.e. air or hotel program administration) we will run your program in such a way you want it to be and incorporate your unique individual company requirements.

Process Design

In nowadays fast changing world keeping track with best practices and technology innovations is an art for itself.

If you want to enhance your current travel management processes or start a program from scratch, BTM-Lab works with you to define, design, and implement the perfect processes suitable for the needs of your organisation, be it but not limited to travel expense management tools, self booking tools or traveller mobile applications.

With our extensive experience in corporate travel, we will design together with your experts the best processes and best practice for your company in compliance with your corporate governance, IT and data privacy regulations, risk management, sustainability policies as well as other relevant company goals.

About Me

Forward-thinking, visionary, and strategic leader with 20+ years of experience.

  • Global Travel & Logistics Management
  • Budget Management
  • Change Management
  • Global Procurement
  • Travel Reporting Systems
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Process & Workflow Improvements
  • Spend Reduction
  • Mobile Applications
  • Vendor & Supplier Relations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Cross-Functional Group Collaboration
  • Multinational Team Building, Training, Motivation & Leadership
  • Extensive background in setting up the complete end-to-end travel management process, from booking to traveler reimbursement, including traveler mobile application and risk management.
  • In-depth knowledge of the inner workings and intricacies of travel, including policies, procedures, processes, regulations, and guidelines.
  • Inspired by future opportunities and new best practices, processes, tools, methods, and ways of working to drive business performance.
  • Sharp attention to detail combined with the ability to visualize the larger picture, identify relevant patterns, risks and opportunities, and examine multiple strategic options to determine best steps and solutions.
  • Intrigued by the unique qualities of individuals and effective at leveraging their differences to establish motivated, productive, and collaborative teams.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, networking, and communication skills with people across all organizational levels both within and outside of an organization.

Beate Christeleit is a versatile, forward-thinking, and achievement-driven leader with a 20-year career centered on global travel and logistics. She proved her capabilities in a variety of areas, ranging from setting up travel management programs from scratch; managing post-acquisition integration of travel programs; executing strategies for global travel; providing leadership for the full scope of travel and expense tools; developing travel policies and travel risk programs; and managing local travel manager networks to streamlining processes; developing audit and compliance programs; and negotiating with global suppliers to procure travel services.

Beate Christeleit completed a program as a State Accredited Company Interpretor in English and French at Vorbeck-Schule Gengenbach as well as multiple professional development programs related to content marketing, legal, finance, cost and project management, negotiations, and sourcing. She is a member of the Association of Certified Travel Executives (ACTE). Beate is currently supporting ACTE on the planning for its Executive Forum in Istanbul, and will also be responsible for running the program and serving as its Moderator.


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